Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Let's Move & Let's Love

A book about gift wrapping is all I have been waiting on my doorsteps to begin my quest in honing my creativity on packaging gifts. I bought this at Better World Books, an online bookstore. I chose them all over some good bookstores because of their better price and advocacy, Book for Book, where we buy, and they donate. Isn't it a great move to show your love to less unfortunate? Not only this, I am figuring of donating some of the books we have at our house after my mother retires this December. She does not want to declutter our bookshelves until she leaves her teaching profession. Sometimes, my mom is just so sentimental. So I guess, I am helping her to make a way for new space and organizing our house.

Since December is coming, I wanted to share my whole year's blessings to the people I love. Counting my relatives, godchildren, friends, etc., definitely make a big time number.  I do not care. The most important thing is my sudden splurge on gift wrapping will be taken into account. Three months  to go to practice! Cross fingers!  

I have been thinking of December that I almost forgot September. My hubby's birthday will be a week to go, and I could not help but think of how to celebrate this. 

Popcorn Chicken Recipe by Panlasang Pinoy
Thank goodness, I found this very simple pica-pica recipe for his session with friends. Honestly, I do not know how to cook except frying and boiling. So by devoting my time preparing for this recipe and helping the cook , I know that he will be moved and loved me more.

This celebration of  "moving and loving" is brought to us by United Colors of Benetton. Let us move and get love in return.

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