Monday, September 10, 2012

Emy's Birthday Celebration

Every time, someone from my circle of friends celebrates their birthday, we make it a point to have some surprises. Emy's birthday is coming, that's all we have on our mind. We have done almost same surprises, so this time, we want something for a twist. With a tight budget (as I was sick for several days), JM and I just look at a way to make it right for the celebrant. Rhosel grabbed a green folder from our office supplies (sorry guys, we needed it). JM and I went  to school supply store to buy sticky notes, some decorative birthday stickers and paper. 
Emy's birthday came. We just wished her the usual happy birthday and said sorry because we have no money for the cake and gifts (without her knowing that we have a better plan for her).  To give you an idea how we celebrate their birthdays, we surprise him/her on break time with a candle-lit cake. 
We do not want to blow up our surprise to Emy, so we got an idea to do the birthday card at our Conference Room during lunch. I used the decorative paper,  printed  and cut HAPPY BDAY and EMY and her picture. JM asked our colleagues to make a birthday wish by writing it on the sticky notes we prepared. Break time and 5 O'clock and no surprise. Emy went home while I was waiting for JM to finish her work. During this time, I collected and arranged the notes to Emy's card. Actually, I did not expect many wishers so before I could finish, I was short of stickers. 
Emy's DIY birthday card from us
RJ, Emy's suitor or should I label him soon-to-be-BF?, just came after JM finished her work. We planned on how we will be going to surprise Emy while walking on our way home. (We were assuming that these would go well. We have no Plan B). Anyway, we bought crepe paper, cake and sticker again. All of these were done without any single clue. From what we planned, Emy and RJ will eat, and they'll come back at 8pm. When Emy and RJ went home, everything was normal. Sam went into our room.
Dulce de Leche cake from Red Ribbon with dedication
This was the hardest part... When we were about to prepare for the surprise, we told Emy some  alibis, which we doubt worth believing, lol. When she frantically does not believe it, we told her to treat us with Tanduay Ice and some chicha. That's the cue. They went to store to buy foods while JM and I prepared the crepe paper as banderitas, cake and the card. We heard foot steps, so I grabbed the lighter and lit the cake. Sam first went into the room, then RJ and Emy's last. We sang Happy Birthday while Emy's shock. She told us that she had a hint, but of course, it was different. She was still surprised and touched while reading the sticky notes on her birthday cards. 
As for us, of course, we are delighted that all our efforts were appreciated. It was hard to keep secrets like that but at the end, worth it.  Have you done this to your loved ones? 

By the way, I will post the pictures once Emy uploaded it to Facebook.

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