Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My rainy foods

What better thing to do when raining? Play card games or maybe watch a movie. These are some options but what I appreciate during the rainy season are the foods serve to us. My best bet for ulam is sinampalukang native na manok. I can't help but sweat whenever I sip on its hot and sour soup. It simply complements the weather. How about snack? Coffee in the morning is superb. It definitely does its job, an active mind at work.  A goto or lugaw (with egg, or tuwalyautak, etc.) fills my cold empty stomach. I do no longer need to eat rice because of the fullness it brings. Mami, in any form, leaves a smile on my face, especially if serve with chili, egg and calamansiHmmm, now I am craving for one bowl.

How about you, what food do you like to serve in rainy days?

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