Thursday, August 2, 2012

BC Bloggers Meme: A day in my not so boring life

I noticed that last week and today's meme, A Day in my not so Boring Life hosted by Yuuki is about getting to know each blogger up close. I personally like this. We can learn from everyone about managing their time or how they make the most of their daily lives fruitful. Note: bear yourself, as my post may sound too boring, lol. My day begins with 

7:20-7:30 - flickering my eyes and thinking if I should wake up at that instance. After 10 minutes of convincing myself, there I am  
7:31-7:45 - get going in the shower. For working days, 15 minutes should be enough for my bath.  During weekends, I take it longer. Overall, I consume 30 minutes preparing myself 
8:00 - going to work. We have 5-minute grace period and so far, I have no late. My usual routine in the morning is checking my personal and company emails, reading news on the web while sipping a cup of coffee. Sometimes, I would be surprised that it is 
9:55-10:10 - break time already. The company has two periods of break time, but we take in between these periods, so there will be no line up at the counter. At this time, I am eating my brunch because
12:00-12:59 - during lunch, I am checking BC Bloggers comment exchanges, and coupon deals. Sometimes, I write in between these tasks. Then
1:00-2:44 - back to work again. I would say, it is in the afternoon that is the busiest hour of my day.  Aside from internal inquiries that I need to research, I have product testing. More work is added whenever our President has some tasks assigned to me. My manager sometimes, would joke around that he will send me to another area so our President won't see me. Lol.  My working hour will
5:00 - end when I hear the bell. I still stay in the company  for a couple of minutes to wait  for my roommates. I will only leave the office if I have some personal things to attend such as medical checkups, going to groceries, etc. Nevertheless, 
6:00 - and beyond  everything is leisure for us, eating at carinderia, watching TV, mobile browsing and reading e-books.

That's how my usual routine goes on weekdays. Weekend like Sunday starts my day by cooking anything we like to eat, then doing the laundry. The rest will be leisure time. Boring, maybe? But I am enjoying every minute of what life has to offer me. 
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