Saturday, August 11, 2012

A turbulent week by Habagat

It was another unexpected turnaround of events happened this week. Probably, most of us were affected by the flooding brought by the southwest monsoon. As for me, I was indirectly affected. We do not experience flooding ( in the apartment) but there's no water and electricity. This is the reason why I only have time posting a blog today. I do not want to write a too long post so I will enumerate some good and not-so good happening this week. (There is still some good after a storm). Let me start this with
Monday - I was late. The truth is, I planned it. lol. I just felt the urge to break my routinary activity, as in go with the flow. No cramming riding a bus and no pressure looking at my watch. All in all, my plan went well except for the bad weather. As you can see, there was no stopping of heavy rain plus the gust of wind hitting our windows. Most of my office mates were bothered that they may be stranded along the way. We even wished that we were half-day work, but it does not happen. So when the bell rang at 5 pm, we rushed outside to logout. I and my roommates walked up to our boarding house while playing in the rain, cruising the running water and feeling the coldness it gives on our feet. How we wish that we can shower in the rain for a while...

Tuesday - We suddenly woke up at around 5 am since the rain has not stopped falling. One question sinks our mind, do we have a work on that day? To confirm, JM, Emy and I went to our office where we saw how the first floor of our office submerged in the flood. Some of my colleagues have been trapped on the second floor of our building, still thankful that no one was hurt. We went home with the good and bad news. That morning was filled with mixed emotions: happy for the cancellation of work, sad for the people trapped in the flood, sympathy for our office, angry for the government's action on the going flood, and bothered for my family in Bulacan. Afternoon came, I received a call from our Production SV to help my other colleague who was trapped on the second floor, which we have happily done. After helping her and one worker, we had a chance to shower in the rain, fulfilling our childish dream. 

Wednesday - The water already subsided in the office. Hence, we have a work. As expected, a few numbers of workers and office mates were present. Cleaning of the machines and the whole first floor was our priority. But guess what? Ate Glo and I was exempted because we need to go to FedEx  to clear our shipment. While on the way to Paranaque, we passed by some flooded areas, where we rerouted a couple of times until finally decided to try EDSA. At around 11:30 am, we were in FedEx. We decided to talk to Bureau of Customs (BOC) since they "hit" our shipment, and found out later that it was not hit but FedEx fault. They were just using customs as their lame excuse for the undelivered shipment. Thank goodness, we decided to go there to see what really happened to our shipment. (We were transacting with them from July 30 and up to this writing). After finalizing our transaction, we went back to the office. My colleagues done cleaning the area, what a camaraderie! Then it happened that the water in the creek at the back of the office suddenly rises again. Without a second thought, we went home. 

We do not have electricity and water in the apartment. It was good that my two phones in full charge so I manage to call my family in Bulacan, where they were safe and sound, though flooded.

Thursday - Again, no work, electricity and water at our apartment.  The Sun shone at midday. This was the opposite in Calumpit, where I learned from my husband that the flood was rising yet they do not have  electricity interruptions. Since we have nothing to do, we end up playing pusoy and tong-its while munching on Pan-de-sal, noodles and egg. After a "tiring" day of doing nothing, we sat outside sight seeing people. Then, the fluorescent lit up, a signal that there is an electricity. If you happened to see our reaction, I bet you'll laugh while we were dancing and cheering and screaming "may kuryente na." Still, we do not have water, so we prayed for a one-time big time rain, and it was answered. We washed our clothes, and showered in the pouring rain. 

Friday - Almost an end to a 6-day work. Nothing major major happened on this day except for following up our shipment delivery at FedEx. Personally, I'm annoyed on how FedEx customer service handled their customer inquiry. The item was not delivered but they committed it will be tomorrow. The good thing about this day was payday and finishing my e-book. 

Saturday -  I am currently writing this post and following up for any feedback from FedEx. Okay, finally, they delivered the item before lunch. I think the company will no longer get their service after paying P100k for an express delivery yet not express at all. lol. My husband called and told me he's in Nueva Ecija now. We will be there for the celebration of my father's 50th birthday. I am waiting for the clock to round up to 5 pm so I can go home.   

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