Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A jug of water

My jug of water

When I was looking at the mall for a jug of water to be used in the office, I found Lock & Lock. I chose this because I know that I will seldom refill it plus the fact that I consume a lot of water on a day. It is just perfect for me. Mind you, it has been around 8 months since I got it, and as you can see, the jug is still in good condition.
Way back in my college days, I contracted urinary tract infection (UTI). I was hospitalized for several days. The doctor told me that I needed to drink at least eight glasses of water on a day, aside from the antibiotic intake. This bad experience from UTI changed my lifestyle and mindset. Now, I drink at least two-full container of that jug during my office hours. Sometimes when I eat a sweet or salty food, I have an urge to drink water to dilute its concentration. I am afraid to contract a diabetes or kidney problem. They are all in my parent's gene pool.
It was also of UTI that I become anxious of the color of my urine. I know the color when I am dehydrated or not. I drink a lot when I saw the signs. The effect is my frequent visit to the bathroom, but it is rewarding. As of now, the UTI never comes back.

How about you? Have you changed something in your lifestyle because of simple reason?

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