Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Revisiting memories of Pedring

Hello everyone! How is your weekend? It was a lazy day last Sunday yet I find the courage to wash our clothes, lol. Thanks to my mother -in-law, who help me hang them.  
This heavy downpour rain we were experiencing would not surprise me if our area is flooded again. After all, we are located in a low-lying place plus it has been the catch basin of water releases from Angat and Pantabangan Dams. My intuition was just right. Before I left to work yesterday, the water reached most of the houses in our place. When I talked to my husband over the phone during lunch, he informed me that the water level was below the knees already. 

It made me think again about our experiences of Pedring last year. It was a sun shiny day. At around 6am, water already reached our house and instead of celebrating my hubby's birthday, we ended up packing our clothes and relocating some of our belongings. I have to leave our place first, remember I can't swim. A hanging bridge that connects our barangay to other barangays has been hit by the water where in normal days, it would be around 15 to 20 feet above it. I waited for my husband at the bridge, since they were not yet finished packing some clothes. There,  I saw someone calling for help because her son was bitten by a snake. People helped them but all they can do was to transfer the victim to the hospital. That was horrible! I only saw the blood from the boy's shirt. Some say that the boy would not be able to survive. That was true. After an hour or so, I heard the news that he was pronounced dead-on arrival. When my husband finally arrived, we went to our friend to stay. That time the water level was within my waist. It was lunch time and we have not yet eaten anything. Our friend and I went over the town to buy food. People were panic buying. Luckily, our friend knew one seller, so we had a chance to purchase some canned goods and rice. Before we started cooking, there  was rumors that the entire town will be flooded. It causes me to be alarmed.  I called my family in Nueva Ecija to fetch us somewhere in Malolos.  
I was inspired by this song
We invited our couple friends to join us but since no one will check their house, they insisted to be left.  As we were vacating the house of my kumare, the flood was a little above my shoulder. I have to tiptoe so I can't drink it. The road going to Malolos can no longer pass any type of vehicle. Our last resort was Apalit. I was determined to leave the place. A dump truck carrying gravel and sands was our last choice. It was dangerous but since my adrenaline was too high, I climb and ride on it. I saw a flash flood somewhere near the Jed's Island Resort.  After 20 minutes, we were on the highway.  I can no longer see my husband's flooded town. People on the street were doing their normal routine. My family eventually arrived after an hour. We were in Nueva Ecija at around 2 am, as if nothing happened. Thank goodness, I got a postpaid plan and a full battery phone, we could connect to them anytime. Honestly, I was a bit traumatized by that, but why it happened opens my mind to the reality that this scenario will eventually recur. We just don't know if it will be in a bad, worse or worst form.

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