Saturday, July 28, 2012

On transferring BIR RDO

What a busy half-day!  After months of planning, I was able to transfer today my Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) Registered District Office (RDO) from Pasig to Quezon City. Actually, our HR officer advised me to transfer it so I will be able to get a TIN ID bearing my marital name.  

How is the process?

1. Knowing your RDO number. Your old RDO is where you need to file the transfer. Also, you will input it in Form 1905 of BIR.  You may check from your previous employer/company their RDO where they file their taxes. Another option is to contact BIR Hotline at 981-8888 or email at  You also need to know your new RDO. It is where your HR updates your TIN profile as well as pay your taxes.

2. Fill up Form 1905. Click here for a copy of the form. Fill up three (3) copies or confirm it on the hotline. Another thing, if you are still single upon resignation from your previous company, use your maiden name in the form. If married, you may request for the update of your status upon approval of the transfer.

3. Personally transferring your RDO. In my case, I called the BIR and they confirmed that I should personally transfer it and not our HR personnel. You must submit all the requirements, which is the three copies of Form 1905. Go to your former BIR RDO. Upon submission, they will check on their database your TIN number and stamp the Form 1905. One form will be their copy and other two forms will be submitted  to your HR. I suggest that you file it on Thursdays and Fridays, there's a short line up at the counter.

By the way, my old RDO is 43-A in Pasig. How to get there if you are from North (Muñoz, Quezon Ave., North Ave., etc)? Ride on MRT and pull at Shaw Blvd. Station. Ride the jeep going to Pasig-Palengke, tell the driver to drop you off at Pag-Ibig. Cross the overpass going to SSS. Once there, walk forward and you will find sign board going to 2nd and 3rd Floor of the building where BIR is. By the way, go there as early as possible. The area was congested with traffic.

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