Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I Heart my Heart

I feel exhausted today! My heart beats faster than usual. Is this the effect of that Cappuccino flavored coffee brand Kopiko, I drank this morning? Or, the combination of coffee and lack of sleep? Whatever it is, I'm beginning to first aid myself.
I start with checking my pulse rate. I've got 60 strong beats. Is it normal for my age? That, I do not know. Perhaps, anyone who knows can explain it to me. It will also benefit others. ;)
Then, I try to figure out the trend of my heart beat? Does it sound like a drum? Boom, booroom, boom, boom, booroom, boom, bay! Maybe a little softer, a sound of guitar in an offbeat tune of killing me softly.
After minutes of waiting, it is not yet okay, I try to relax. Inhale... Exhale... Maybe, it misses its best friend, Oxygen. I know that with this exercise, they will meet each other and make the most out of that meeting. In fact, I recognize the changing mood of my heart. From abrupt and chaotic status, it turns into a silent and peaceful system.  
I am happy for that. I know that your palpitation is a sign that you need rest, just hang on. For sure we will enjoy the breeze of the night as the sky pours its tears.

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