Saturday, July 21, 2012

Game Watching, a date-like

My husband favorite PBA team, B-Meg, won over Brgy. Ginebra last night. Our delight does not stop there as we are thinking of watching a live game one of these days. I missed Araneta Coliseum.  The last time I have been there was when me and my officemate watched a concert. We enjoyed the musical performance of the four famous young singers of my time, Sarah, Rachel, Eric and Christian.  

Smart Araneta ColiseumSmart Araneta Coliseum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
This time, a hardcore game like basketball will surely fire up our seats as our favorite team play the game. When I checked the ticket price at PBA website, it won't hurt our budget naman pala. Besides, this will be another "date" to treasure. I can count on my fingers the dates we have as a married couplelol. We used to hang out at home, watching DVDs, eating pica-pica foods, or traveling going to Nueva Ecija.  So, I guess, this will be a unique one, something we have never done before.   
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