Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Books I love to read this 2012

It is already rainy months. For sure, most of us would like to stay at home rather than going outside doing shopping or working. This is also my time to pursue reading e-books. Marathon na ito! I finished reading The Notebook. It was so shameful to admit that I cried on the last chapter's pages. It really touches my heart. Now, I am looking forward to watching the movie hoping that it gives justice to the book. 

This year, as a challenge, I will read 20 books (just reminding myself). I have my list below.
1. Veronica decides to die- done 

2. The Notebook-done

3. The Monk who sold Ferrari-done

Photo Credit: Coolinsights.blogspot.com
4. The Sister's Keeper
Photo Credit: Jodipicoult.com
5. The Devil wears Prada- done
Photo credit: Wikipedia 
6. Before ever after
Photo Credit:  http://samanthasotto.com 
7. Heroes of Olympus Series-downloaded another one
Photo Credit:  http://www.rickriordan.com 
8. Desaparecidos
Photo Credit:  http://www.asiawrites.org 
9.Bob Ong's latest book
Photo Credit:  http://www.visprint.net 
10. The Girl with the dragon tattoo
Photo Credit: http://with-a-flower.blogspot.com
11. Eros Atalia books
Photo Credit:  http://www.panitikan.com.ph 
I think with this challenge, I will be able to learn something new and enjoy a wide array of topics. Hopefully, I can also finish reading Eat, Pray, Love. There is something that I still love about this rainy season.
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