Tuesday, July 10, 2012

BC Bloggers Meme: Photoblog

Here is another fun activity that is running in our group, BC Bloggers. This time, it is Ms. Shads of Toned Down and Vintage who's hosting the meme for this week. Our topic is "Post a photo or photos in your blog, let the readers write their own stories, interpretations, what-have-yous on the photo." If you want to join us, please visit here.

This was one of the products of my experiments at work, a glass with design. The pink color was just used as a background. As you can see, there were some flaws on the designs. ;) It was so hard cutting stencil films on the glass. Even so, I really enjoyed that part. Now, any guess how I put the designs on the glass?

Take note: you can do whatever designs you want.
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