Thursday, July 26, 2012

BC Bloggers Meme: 30 Things About Me

Again, congrats to Ms. Sanna of Woman Scribbles for hosting 30 Things About Me meme this week. You may also  join us by signing up to BC Bloggers. I know you'll enjoy the fun activities every week.
Before I could write more than thirty, I will start sharing with you the interesting and not-so interesting about ME below:

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  1. I was born on the fifth day of the fifth month. A classic Taurean by heart. 
  2. I am the eldest among the three siblings. Our first common denominator by birth is having a second name on our first name. 
  3. I may be the only person you will know having three different names registered in three different birth certificates.  However, I have to stick with the name registered in NSO.
  4. They say that my blood type is known as universal donor. Yes, your guess is right, I am a type O. I can't remember if it's  positive or negative.
  5.  My husband is three years younger than me and a year ahead of younger brother.
  6. I passed the Civil Service Exam on my second take and failed the Chemist Board Exam on the same year. Back then, I am afraid to take the board. 

Likes and Dislikes

  1. The only food I don't eat are blood and liver. I tried them but they just failed my taste buds.
  2. I am afraid of snakes, worms and animals that crawls.
  3. Needles, and syringes are my greatest enemies at the hospital. I can't stand them unless I am with my loved ones.
  4. I love books or ebooks especially children's literature. Reading an e-book at night makes me have a great sleep.
  5. My favorite writer, Lualhati Bautista, is in my Facebook friend list.  Before that, we were friends at Friendster.
  6.  I love reading in the Home and Garden section of Pinoyexchange. It gives me so many ideas for my future dream house.
  7. Cooking and fashion shows are my favorite TV programs so far. 
  8. I like to hand carry a shoulder bag rather than putting it on my shoulder.

Random Facts

  1. I don't smoke and seldom drink. My first taste of alcoholic drink was when I was 7 years old.
  2. I have a high tolerance for spicy foods and the only way you'll find out I can't take it is when I have teary eyes.
  3. I never tried riding a plane or ship until now. I am wishing at least once.
  4. My first ride on LRT 1 happened last February 14, 2012. 
  5. When I was young, my birthday cakes were usually baked by my mom.
  6. I don't wear makeup unless it is necessary.
  7. I personally know two BC Bloggers members, Daddy Allan and Mommy Maye. We attended the same Alma Mater and graduated with the same college course. 
  8. Cooking is something that I really need to learn, as in ASAP na.
  9. Pedring's aftermath is so far my first ever worst disaster I have encountered. Don't want to experience any more of that.
  10. I won three giveaways last year and looking for more this year.
  11. Got two postpaid plans, Globe for my personal use and Sun for business and company related transaction.
  12. Timex watch, beaded bracelets, hair clips and my wedding ring are my few treasured accessories I have.
  13. I am still hoping to learn how to swim. Anyone interested to teach me?
  14. Ever since college, I was accustomed to wear a lab gown. It is only in my present company that it is not necessary. 
  15. We had a boxer dog named Brusco. Too bad, he died of Leptospirosis.
  16. Coffee or Milo is my breakfast at the office.
I thought it would be that easy to write, but it is not. Anyway guys, I am looking forward to read your post too. Share them now.

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