Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Things that make me Happy

Congratulations to Sanna for winning the voter's top choice meme topic!

As I am writing our meme topic, I'm thinking of the countless things that make me happy. Just not to have a long post, I will enumerate up to 20 so you will not get bored while reading it. Here goes my list:

~ my blog and followers
~ perfume bought from BC Fragrance, though the scent is too strong  :)
~ any improvements in my skills, just like what I post, learning to ride a bike
~ my job and officemates and I will be having a part-time tutorial service today
~ cooking shows. I love Chef Boy Logro for this! ;)
~ walkathon every morning while going to my office 
~ good health of my family and friends

~ dreaming of my house , five years more and hope to get it

~ meeting new people, it is a small world afterall

~ a happy-sad-kilig moments with my husband

~ food cravings, I am seriously ballooning now
~ books or even an e-book
~ my two phones, addicted to opera mini
~ small acts of kindness

~ uninterrupted sleep
~ summer = what a swimming month

~ December (bonus+13th month pay+trust fund = emergency fund)

~ a chocolate, I have a sweet tooth

~ my birthdays, I am counting on it every year

~ cute accessories even though I cannot use them

I want to know yours, too...

By the way, I am inviting you to join our blogger's community 'cause for me, it is truly rewarding. You will see your fellow bloggers giving advices, commenting on your recent posts and having fun with various cool activities every week. These are all what I found about BC Bloggers. Why not give your blog that shining moment? To join, please click here. You may share this to your family and friends who's into blogging also.

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