Friday, June 29, 2012

Simple Help that makes a Difference

Yesterday, one anonymous reader makes two comments to one of my posts. When I finally read all his comments, I reached to him through the email he posted. There, we have exchange messages for one topic, gallbladder polyps. I was diagnosed with two polyps just this year. I thought it can be cured by medicine, but it's not. The only way to remove it, is through cholecystectomy. I know what he is going through cause I am still on that situation. I mean, at some point, I am thinking of my polyps. I was not yet advised to remove my gallbladder, so maybe I can still treasure it while I am young.

My feelings towards these circumstances are totally bizarre. I am happy that I can help others through writing my own experiences. Yet sad, cause someone has to suffer from the same scenario. I find myself as a source of support to that individual. And the way I see it on his replies, I am sure his emotional burden lessen.

You may check my post here for your awareness. Another source of information can be found here.

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