Saturday, June 16, 2012

Review: Lucky Volumizing Shampoo

They say that the hair is our crowning glory. Not for me. I was born with a mix of oily and dry hair. Imagine, it becomes oily on the root and partly dry on the ends. This is the reason why I am trying to find a shampoo that would fit my hair type.
So I think it is the right time to blog my review about Lucky Volumizing Shampoo. I bought the product at Japan Homes for P88 last April. I have been using the product for about two months now. 

Are you ready for my verdict? Find out below...

Product Information:

Lucky Super Soft Volumizing Shampoo More Body. Body & More Body Pro-Vitamin B5 enriched formula for fine hair. Lucky super soft volumizing shampoo is enriched with vitamins and moisturizing agents, to gently cleanse whilst adding extra body to your hair. The nourishing formula provides softness and manageability for luxurious & silky hair. 12 oz bottle.

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My review:

This shampoo has a slight viscous amber-colored liquid. It has a mild scent. I guess, most of us are used to foamy shampoo. Our mindset is "mas mabula mas effective." Honestly, this is not that type of shampoo. The first days of use, I re-apply it twice 'cause I'm not satisfied with the lather effect. Anyway, it washes away the oiliness. In the long run, I could manage it. The other effect of this shampoo is I can easily comb my hair even if it's too entangled when wet. It is so soft, I guess, this is the effect of Pro-Vitamin B5 or panthothenic acid. From my point of view, there is a good thing about not-so-foamy shampoos. It can definitely save a lot of water, time and effort washing your hair. 

Of course, there are also some drawbacks on this product. First, I did not notice its volumizing effect. I have a dull and flat hair. The scent does not stay longer on my hair strands. It could be that it has a lesser amount of fragrance oil. 

If I rate this product from 1 to 5, the highest is 5 and lowest is 1. My rate is 3.8.

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