Friday, June 29, 2012

Passing Luck through Good Hand

Do you believe in buena mano? Just today, my office mate who sells yema called and told me that I should be her buena mano. I bought one yema cause I really like its taste. It is so crunchy on the outside yet creamy on the inside. Before kasi, I was the first one who bought her yema. When finally, I will buy again, she told me that it was sold out an hour after I bought one. That's why she concluded I am a good buena mano.

A box full of yema
Yema yummy
Then, I remember also my husband's cousin who has a sari-sari store. She always make it a point that I will be her first client because I am a good buena mano. She will always tell me that instead of credit goods, her clients pay it off.

Being curious, I searched the meaning of buena mano and found out it is “good hand” in English. In our country, it means the first sale or transaction of the day that brings luck to the business. Even if they are thinking that I am a buena mano, I still wish their business to grow. Not only, on the days that I buy their products but also on ordinary days. As we always see, clients do come and go. ;)

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