Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Meet my new Baby, Yamaha Mio

The past few weeks were like whirlwind surprises for me and my hubby. Before our 2nd year anniversary, my hubby used to tell me about having our second baby. Don't get me wrong. This baby I am telling you is a Yamaha Mio motorcycle. We have our first, which is Honda Wave 125. It is our service for the past three years now.
He wanted to buy me this Mio, so I could learn how to drive a motorcycle. I can't do it on the Honda since it is a bit high for my height. So to end those “pangungulit”, I gave in. We went to Motortrade in Calumpit to see the actual Mio. It struck my curiosity. I was having an urge to drive this car. My husband told me to sign up for CI. If we were approved, good for us, if not, then we will try to check out other stores.

Before lunch, CI people came to our house. They ask us typical questions to investigate our income. It is a good thing that we have a good record on our Honda since we never incur late payments. That day, we were informed that our application was approved. That day, we got our brand-new baby!! I picked the color white for the stock, to be unisex.
I was so excited to try it. My husband taught me how to run it. At first, I was having a difficulty balancing it, though I know how to ride a bike. Little by little, I found myself improving on this stuff. Just this Saturday, I had a smooth ride. Now, I know when to use brakes, no off-balance, no power offs. There are also some times I got scared, especially when meeting other vehicles on opposite sides. In fairness, I have no bruised arms, feet or elbow, just like when I was learning how to ride a bike during my younger years.

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