Tuesday, June 26, 2012

BC Bloggers Meme: 5 Things You Want to do Before You Get Old

Thank you guys for voting this meme topic, 5 things you want to do before you get old.

The reason I come up with this topic is the fact that all of us will get old on our own pace. We will have those wrinkly face, white hairs, a weak body, memory loss, but the wisdom these changes brought us will beyond compare. I hope this made us reflect on the things that we really want to do when we reach that Golden Age.
I am excited to share with you what my lists are, so here it goes...

Okay, to start with... I want to have kids. I am not getting any younger. My cells may not be that healthy if I bear a child when I get old. Plus, it is already not advisable to have a child when I turn 40. ;)
Another thing that I am anticipating to experience is extreme sports or adventures. I always get excited whenever I see people enjoying wall climbing, spelunking, zip lining, trekking and mountain climbing. I must fulfill one, and I am looking for Mount Pinatubo trekking.
English: A 200' Mammoth Deluxe zip line instal... (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Aside from thinking of adventurous trips, I am eyeing for at most 20 fun runs before I get old. In fact, I'm persuading my officemate to join me on one event. He suggests that we try Milo Fun Run this July then heads up to Regent Foods in August. So this it is!
Oh! I did mention about foods on my previous post Things that make you Happy. I want to try exotic delicacies, yummiest dessert, spiciest food, weirdest menu that any town can offer.
Last but not the list, I want to learn how to play instruments. If I have a chance, that would be a drum. I really do not know how to start it, but I am already reading about it.

If you like this topic and would like to have your list too, you may join BC Bloggers. We have lots of fun activities this July and the coming months.

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