Tuesday, June 5, 2012

5 reasons why I love my job

I came to this idea because this coming June 08, I am celebrating my 19th month here in my company. Hooray! It is also my way of sharing some personal information about myself. So here it goes...

 1. My job itself. I am hired as R&D Officer in a glass processor company. Unlike other people having the same job, I do not have a laboratory to conduct a research. Rather, I have the whole head office and our plant as my testing facilities. ;) Before, I was collaborating with people related to my course like food technologist, microbiologist, etc. This time around, its engineers, architects or interior designers who love to use glass on their projects.

2. Meeting people. We know that whenever we change course, at some point, we meet people. Yes, this is true to me. I met new people; my colleagues, top management, clients, and suppliers. I also make acquanintances through online whenever I seek advices, or need a supplier. In a long run, they became our partners. It is a good thing that some of our suppliers managed to visit our plant. 

3. The bosses. Did you know that before I apply for a job, I was praying for a nice boss? And it was an answered prayer. I would say, from the very start, I never heard our bosses shouting to their employees. Would you believe, our President sometimes says “ puro ka kalokohan”, whenever we contradict his views?! Nevertheless, you will always be encouraged to give your POV.

4. Site seeing. Literally speaking, sometimes I have to check our customer's site. On another view, being with this job tends me to travel to some part of Metro Manila that I have not seen before. It may be a meeting, seminar, or lunch out with clients. It seems a new experience to me, and I learned from these.

5. Learning new things. Overall, all those projects that I am working with. It will end to new discoveries, information and experiences. For example, during our training period, I became aware that not all glass are made equal. But at the end of the day, it is still our safety that needs to be considered on choosing the type of glass to be used. 

When thinking about this post, my mind reminisced those times when I had to apply to several job posts and then rejected. This will remind me to love my job more. After all, it is not easy to look for a job now that the competition is very tight.

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