Friday, May 11, 2012

A quest for my reproductive health

During these past few weeks, I was baffled with my period. I took a pregnancy test, and found out it was negative. Aside from blogging about having gallbladder polyps, I experienced irregular menstrual cycle starting last January of this year. Since then, I was thinking of having a medical check-up with my friend's Ob-Gyne.

Just last April 26, I had the courage to consult Dr. Nazal for my health problem. While waiting for my turn, I really felt nervous, the fact that it was my first Ob-Gyne check-up. After few minutes, I was facing my doctor. She asked me about my problems. When I finished, she explained that I had a hormonal imbalance and infertility. She referred me to undergo transvaginal ultrasound. (The sound of it scares me, lol) So, she will know the root cause of my irregular period. She prescribed me with Duphaston. (This is so expensive, P54.00/10 mg tablet)

They scheduled my TVU, coming Saturday at around 5 to 7 pm. I was relieved that I will not take a sick leave again for that.

Is it painful? Is the procedure similar to an ultrasound?
These were the questions running on my mind. Being curious, I asked my officemates about their experiences on the procedure. (I had two days to go to find out ;)) One told me; it was not painful. She had her legs open widely. :O A tube-like thing with a camera at the end will be inserted in your vagina. (Oh no!) Just like an ultrasound, this thing will scan your organs.

From the internet, transvaginal ultrasound or TVU is a type of pelvic ultrasound. It is used to look at a woman's reproductive organs, including the uterus, ovaries,cervix, and vagina. Transvaginal means across or through the vagina.

Here comes the day of my verdict. :( Just like my colleague said, I was instructed to lie down, bend my knee, spread my legs and relax. A tube-like thing with a gel was inserted into my vagina. I had to inhale and exhale.Not bad. The doctor moves this thing from left to right or vice versa inside. She then saw the result at the computer monitor. The examination was done for 10 minutes. It was not painful as I expected. My results were released that day.
Based from the results, I had a thick endometrium lining, with a follicular cyst on my right ovary. My left ovary and uterus are both normal. What a relief!

Follicular Cyst
Left and Right Ovaries ultrasound
Uterus ultrasound
Doctor's advice
Yesterday, I had a chance to talk to my doctor again. She read my test results and told me that having a follicular cyst is a usual thing that happens to any woman. Both my ovaries and uterus are normal. To be pregnant, she advises me to compute the day of my fertility. She prescribed me again of Duphaston and another ultrasound this July.

By the way, if you want to consult my Ob-Gyne, here is her clinic:
Dr. Mariles Nazal
Clinic hours: 4pm to 6pm
Clinic: The Medical City, Ground Floor, WalterMart, EDSA, Quezon City

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