Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My First Odesk Experience

After a long time of hibernation on Odesk, I became active again this April. I decided that I want to have an extra income and tried my luck once more. I remember the night when I applied for a position that is really my niche. I was hired immediately. I did not know that until the next morning when I checked on my profile.

I was really happy because somehow, my dream came true. It was my first job there. As a first-timer, I still do not know what to do, but I read on blogs, websites that discuss Odesk. I also read various forums on how they applied and landed their jobs. 

The next day, I prepared myself to talk to my client. I was honest enough to tell him it was my first work. He welcomed me to his team, and I must say, a very nice person. He appreciates my opinions and suggestions. I never thought that this would be a nice venture at Odesk.
My bonus and earnings at Odesk.
Then on the following week, he gave me a bonus, which I did not expect. He is such a good guy. 

As for now, I received my bonus through Paypal but my first payment is still under review. I hope for more earnings. lol ;) 
However, looking for a client is not that easy. It takes so much patience and luck. Most of my applications were declined, and so I decided to edit and verify my account. I hope that with these moves, I can get at least two more clients. I would like to broaden my skills not only as a chemist but also as a writer or something, to that effect. :) 

Well, if anyone of you is need of a virtual assistant, you can hire me.

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