Friday, April 27, 2012

Bancnetonline, my solution to online banking

One payday, Ate Glo taught me how to check my balance using the system of Bancnetonline. At first, I was hesitant because it may incur charges. Nevertheless, I tried it. I checked my balance there and to my surprise, it's totally free.

Then yesterday, I was having a second thought of withdrawing money to pay for my credit card. That's when I checked on the site if there is a bill payment option. Voila! There is an option to pay there. Without rethinking, I used this service. I saved my time, money and effort to go to payment centers. I was like saying to myself, I should have known this system before.

You can even transfer funds from your account to another bank account. Totally hassle free, just a secured computer connection and you can already access services.

So how to use their services? Take a look at these steps and try it for yourself.

1. Log on to
BancNetOnline Homepage
2. On the homepage, click on your bank. Read the agreement in using BancNet Online and click "I Agree" button if you agree with the Terms and Conditions.

Terms and Conditions
3. You will be redirected to “Balance Inquiry” page. Fill out ATM Card Number. Choose Account Type. You may leave blank the Member Number.

Balance Inquiry
4. Using your mouse, enter your ATM PIN on the onscreen keypad.
5. Click the Submit button.

My balance transaction
6. Details of your balance information will prompt on-screen. You may print the screen that shows your transaction details as your transaction receipt or click “ Close” to conclude the transaction.

See?! Very simple huh! ;) Bancnetonline have various services: 
  • Balance Inquiry
  • Bills Payment
  • Fund Transfers
  • Prepaid Reloading (Cellphones plans / Internet Access)
  • eShopping. Merchant website purchasing
  • Transaction Log. Payment and purchases
  • Checkbook Reorder
I have tried two transactions and would recommend this site.

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