Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Visit at WorldBEX 2012

Have you been at the recently held WorldBEX 2012 at World Trade Center? This year, the theme was all about going green and being environment-friendly. I was there last Saturday, and I must say, worth the traffic and hassle. We went there together with the sales team not only to support our booth but also to see our suppliers, customers and future business partners.

When we went at the registration area located at World Trade Center Main Hall, a long lineup welcomed us. We waited at least 10 minutes before our turn. The registration personnel gave us ID and necklace. The ID has stubs for free bag, a cup of coffee and raffle stub that we have to fill up with stamp on every information booth. The free bag was already out of stock. This time my partner was Kat. Our first destination was Matimco house. This is for Kat's interest because they are currently renovating their house. Also, we sponsored their tempered glass, so I wanted to see how it was installed. Then we headed at the East Wing A to check on each booth. Most of the exhibitors were from tiles, wood floorings, paints, air conditioning equipments, glass, electrical and steel industries. There were some exhibitors from Asian countries like Taiwan, Thailand, China, and Japan.

The next lobby before the East Wing B, I had some glimpse of various stalls of magazine and newspaper media outlets. We supposed to claim the free coffee stub, but it was already “out of stock”. We went back at our booth to check on our business partner GCC. We were beside Jaro Glass, which is one of our customers.We headed to East Wing B up to Philippine Trade and Training Center but does not have a chance to check exhibitors because we have scheduled transportation service.

At this point, I happened to notice that I only got two stamps from my stub. Because I wanted to have a WorldBEX planner, what we (me, Louie and Rhea) did were to run back to Main Hall. That's an adventure, huh?! We headed to PTTC again for the last stamp and instant raffle. The first one to draw was Louie. He got a white ping-pong ball, which means, please try again. What an unlucky guy?! Then my turn, I was really nervous. I was wishing for a planner as I withdraw the ball I got in my hand. It was an orange ping pong ball which means a planner. Yes, I have it! Then Rhea does not suppose to have a planner because what she got on her hand were two balls, a green and orange. Since she knew that orange means planner, she dropped the green one and present the orange. Hahaha! Pasaway! We rode on a shuttle bus going at the Main Hall where our service was waiting on us.

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