Thursday, March 1, 2012

Rejuvenating Facelift Facial at Elegant Secrets, worth it or not?

A first-timer to buy on a group buying site Ensogo, I chose this simple pampering Rejuvenating Facelift Facial (P350) from Elegant Secrets. I bought two vouchers for me and my friend, Emy. It was nice experience to buy at Ensogo because I never had any problem using the vouchers until I availed it.

I scheduled our appointment last night at 7pm. Since we are not that familiar in Timog Ave., we went ahead of time, so we have still time, in case we were lost. Elegant Secrets is located at 3rd floor #54 DC Bldg. Unit 11&12 Timog Ave., Quezon City. It is beside LBC, Ellen's and infront of Beverly Hills. We were not lost at all, thanks to Manong Driver because he helped us locating Ellen's. 

The ambiance of the room is not quite unique as compared to other spas. As we opened the doors, we were welcomed with the smell of aromatic perfume, which is a bit lavender with menthol (just a guess!), and mellow music. They have a 3-seater couch for visitors, which you can relax during waiting time. There are only two rooms, I think one is for body massage and the other is for manicure/pedicure/foot and hand spa.Their hanging cabinets are filled with different colors of nail polish, and body lotions.

The attendants lack PR, they don't even greeted us when we reached the door, except for this tomboyish attendant. The good thing, we were immediately accommodated before our scheduled appointment.

Unfortunately, they are not well practiced on facial services when unintentionally eavesdropped on their conversation, where they pin-pointing at each other on whose gonna do the services. I also heard that they were reading the procedures on how to start the facelifting we availed. I hope they will be trained for this one, the lack of it rated their services for poor performance. 

Here are the highlights of the promo we availed:

Cleanse: Face will be gently cleansed with either soy or papaya-based cleanser, which is good for any skin type.

Comment: This was not done on our face. See, they do not know how to do the job. The first thing they have done was exfoliating our faces.

Exfoliate: The skin will be exfoliated with an Extra Gentle Facial Scrub formulated from finely crushed rosehip seeds. This seed powder provides gentle removal of dead skin cells, without causing any irritation to the skin.

Comment: In fairness, I really loved this. I felt my blackheads, and whiteheads were gone on my face as I immediately noticed the softness on my skin. The massage is light, which is good for the face. Plus, the scrub used had this nutmeg smell that you simply want to sniff on. I do not have a picture of this application because Emy, and I were both busy.

Treatment proper: Application of Facelift Activator + Facelift Powder to form a Facial mask. This will stay on the skin for 30 minutes to allow full absorption of vitamins and minerals, keeping the skin tight, smooth and rejuvenated. A relaxing aroma scalp massage to back will balance the rejuvenating procedure.

Comment: I would say that this part was like an experiment on our face. The chemical used was measured in a "tantyahan' basis, without any measuring device. I even saw how they prepared the stuff. Just in case they read this, I suggest that they have a prepared pre-weighed chemicals that they could mix once a customer avail this service. Aside from this, they only have one mixing glass, and so I have to wait before my turn. 

When the mixture was activated on our face, there was a tight feeling that lifts our skin. It was like a Mighty Bond that adheres on your face. When the face lift was removed, you can see some of our blackheads adhered on the mask. 

Tone: Elegant Secrets uses Rosemary Rejuvenation Toner which has great toning and binding effects on sagging skin. It also increases blood flow, and helps reduce puffiness, resulting to firmer and healthy glowing skin.

Comment: We have a free massage that last for 10-15 minutes, so I was a bit bitin. With regards to toning, a toner was not applied on our skin. After 30 minutes or more, the chemicals were removed with a warm face towel. 

Moisturize: Last and final step. It binds the moisture into the skin. It boosts the skin's defense system, and generally improves the skins metabolism preventing fine lines and wrinkles.

Comment: The last thing that they applied on our face was Cetaphil or the like. I smelled the mild scent of alcohol and the only cleanser that I found on the area that time was Cetaphil.

My verdict? It was a flop. Some services were not done on us, although we have a free massage. The attendants lack knowledge of this service. I guess, they were more trained on hand and foot spa and manicure/pedicure.

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