Monday, March 5, 2012

A seminar to remember

Last Saturday was my first time to organize an in-house seminar on the company and was satisfied with the outcome. And to my readers, I hope my simple sharing will help you for your future projects. I am also welcoming anyone to share what they have done in organizing different kinds of seminars and training. By the way, the topic of our seminar is ISO 9001:2008 QMS Awareness Course.
Since I already knew the topic, it was not difficult to check the internet for credible training facilitators for an in-house training. Most of them were contacted through telephone and e-mails, and I requested for a proposal for this kind of seminar. Later, I collate all of their proposals and make a summary for further checking and approval of my superior.

And the winner goes to...

Philippine Trade and Training Center (PTTC)'s proposal beats the other. Why do we choose them among the others? First, their price is almost half the price of others. Second, we are thinking that a government agency like them can help us in establishing future partnership and mentoring us towards product developments.
That time, I made a formal request letter from PTTC to conduct a seminar, which was replied after two days.We immediately confirmed so we can schedule within February our seminar. But then, they were fully booked so we ended up scheduling in March. I would suggest that you check PTTC for the available dates so it would be easy for you to decide the dates. By the way, they do conduct seminars on Saturdays and provincial rate differs from that of Metro Manila.

In preparation:

I was usually the one who attends a seminar. Most of the time, I sit there, listen to the speaker and munch on the food they serve. But now it's a different story. I was the one who mostly coordinated with PTTC. The good thing, Mam Jezel is very courteous and accommodating. She is very patient when it comes to all my inquiries.
These were the things our company prepared:
-white board, white board maker, erasers, tissue and alcohol
-snacks and lunch
-name tags and attendance sheet
-transportation of all the attendees, seminar coordinator and speaker

PTTC provided us the following:
-resource speaker
-attendance sheets, name tags, manuals
-certificates and evaluation forms

Seminar proper

Two days before the seminar proper, I personally reminded my colleagues on our call time and any changes that I was advised. The seminar registration was from 8:00-8:30am. Our resource speaker, which is Mam Cynthia Ramirez, was very punctual and knowledgeable on the topic. She tried to relate our actual practices at the plant as an example on every clause of QMS. In return, we were very attentive, as a matter of fact no one slept during the proper. We even discussed those gray areas that we think were affected on each clause. For me, it was a new learning experience, new camaraderie. Actually, everything was new to me. The seminar was finished before 5pm and I must say, it was a smooth sailing activity.

You may contact:
Philippine Trade Training Center
PTTC Building., Sen. Gil J. Puyat Ave.
cor. Roxas Blvd.1300 Pasay City
Tel. No. 02-4688963-64
Fax: 8341341
Look for Ms. Len or Ms. Jezel
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