Friday, March 30, 2012

Hitting two birds with One Stone

Today, I decided to take a leave so my ultrasound be read at St. Luke's. Just when I was at Medicard clinic, I was praying for a female doctor. I don't know but I am hesitant to a male doctor, maybe because I find them intimidating. Lols =) Well, my prayer was answered because I was referred to Dra. Cristina Aprica.

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My consultation
I find her very accommodating. All of my questions were answered. And before I asked if was going to be operated, she already told me that in my case, it was not operable since my polyps were just small. She also mentioned that I needed to avoid colas, chocolates =(, spicy foods, fried meats and to lower consumption of rice. I must say that those she pointed out foods to avoid being the most enjoyable food I want to eat.  She also noted that if in case I suffered from severe pain, I can go to her clinic anytime. Then, I have to get an ultrasound every three months to monitor the size of my gallbladder polyps. So this means, I really have to take care of my health, hence the saying, "Bawal magkasakit".

If you have a problem in gastrointestinal, you may consult my doctor. Her clinic is located at St. Luke's Medical Center, Medical Arts Building, Room 333. Her clinic schedules are Monday to Saturday, 1-3pm.

Seal of St. Luke's Medical CenterSeal of St. Luke's Medical Center (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

SSS ID application

Since it was just 2:30 pm after my consultation, I went to SSS-Frisco branch for my ID application. First,  I  went to their Help Desk for a copy of an ID application form (I also asked the guards for assistance). After filling up the form, I lined up to their Public Assistance desk, where my information was validated. the guy instructed me to go to ID booth, which I waited for 3 minutes before my turn. When it was my turn, the assistant first logged in my data on their computer. Afterwards, he requested me to sign at a small computer pad. Next, my thumb and index fingerprints were registered to their system and took me a picture. All processes took 30 minutes, including my waiting time. 
This is just a lucky day for me. I 've finished two appointments in a span of a half-day. Next, i will try to file a leave for my BIR ID.

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