Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Diagnosing my health condition

I have been suffering from occasional tolerable pain at the upper-right quadrant of my chest. Being curious on what is happening to me, I checked on Google, and there I found out similar symptoms to a person having a gallstone. Then yesterday, while suffering from LBM, I went to Capitol Medical Center to consult an internist. I first went to the Medicard referral desk to avail the service of my HMO. It is located at 10th floor, Room 1008. The assistant immediately referred me to Dr. Dalupang. There, my doctor pre-diagnosed cholelithiasis and referred me to have an ultrasound of gallbladder, pancreas and liver. It seems that it confirms what I have found out on Google. Honestly, I felt nervous. I started to check again on Google on ways how to remove the gallstone, or any medicine that I should take, etc. But then, I must first seek a laboratory exam just to confirm if I have them. So before doing an ultrasound, the lab personnel told me to have eight hours fasting. Their ultrasound service is a first-come first-serve basis.

Just this morning, I went there to have an ultrasound. It was my first time. Thank goodness, the technician is a girl. She directed me to lie down and place my hand on my head. A gel substance was poured on my lower-right chest. She placed the instruments where the gel is applied. There, she applied a tolerable pressure and instructed me to inhale-exhale. Then next, she instructed me to lean on my left side. The whole procedure lasted more or less 15 minutes. When she finished her reading, she told me to wait for the doctor. This time, I was really scared because I was thinking that my organs have damaged or something more. When the doctor approached me, he instructed me with the same procedure. When he was finished, it seems that he confirmed what the lab technician had seen. I asked the lab technician what she found out on my ultrasound, and she told me I had polyps. Polyps? What is that? She told me not to worry because it was not that serious. When I got to lab's desk, they advised me that will have my result tomorrow at around 1-5 pm. I hope it is not that serious.
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