Saturday, February 18, 2012

Suddenly, I am on a diet!

I am on a diet! How many times did I say those words? It may be a hundred or thousand times, I never tried counting. As a matter of fact, I am still saying it now because, really, I am on a diet. :D

I've been mean to myself, and the result is: a five-pocket sagging skin. Then suddenly, I realized it was time to have an exercise and diet. It just popped into my mind as I have been experiencing palpitations, fatigue and shortness of breath. It seems that these are signs of being an overweight or worst obese. Anyway, I have to consult a doctor regarding this.

My first thing to-do to succeed on my dieting journey is basically my food intake. As you can see, I love fast foods. I love fries, coke float, burgers and pasta dishes. In fact, I think these are the culprits why I gained too much weight. Now, I reduced my intake. I become conscious of what I eat. This week, I just had one coke float and fries. I tried to eat healthy food such as vegetables and fruits. Also, I do not try limiting myself to eating meat, only on high-cholesterol parts such as skin and fats.

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This diet will not that possible without any exercise. Now, I started waking up early so JM and I have a long time to walk from apartment to our workplace. Well, we also walk when going home. We even save P16/day for a round-trip fare from apartment to workplace.:P At night, what we usually do is some minimal stretching and exercise routine before we go to sleep. I guess, this will help me with my sagging skin.

I am targeting to lose weight at least 3 kgs this month. And do hope I maintain it. 
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