Saturday, February 4, 2012

Softsoap Ginseng Revitalizing and Moisturizing Body Wash, a review

As what I have told you on my previous blog My things to buy, I found this Softsoap Ginseng Revitalizing and Moisturizing Body Wash at Japan Home Center. Its packaging is in a pump with 750mL content for the price of P88 only. This body wash has a yellow-orange viscous liquid with a floating ginseng inside.
To tell you honestly, I am freaking frugal this month because of my incurred expenses from my credit card. I have to cut down some expenses, including my personal products.
Back to our topic, in terms of price, this is a lot cheaper than bath soap. Based from my normal use, a 135 g Kojic soap (P35) will last for 2 to 3 weeks. But this one, my usual consumption is at least 10mL and that could last up to two and a half months. That means, I could save 50% from this body wash.
Doing the computation, I could save a lot, but what about its content? Do I get what I pay? The next morning, I used it on my bath. It has a mild ginseng scent; that's giving me a relaxing mood. It lathers more than a bath soap (as always expected for a body wash). The label says it has a moisturizing effect. Yes, it did! After I washed down the bubbles, I felt my skin got slippery, which I only felt whenever I used Dove moisturizing soap. Still for me, Dove is the #1 in moisturizing my skin. I do not know when its moisturizing effect will last as I immediately apply Jergen's lotion to my skin. However, I noticed from a week used of this product is a more hydrated skin. Typically, I felt dry when I used a whitening soap such as Kojic and ended up applying lotion too often. This one, a morning lotion is enough for the whole day.
How about its revitalizing effect? I think it is a synergistic relationship that once our skin is hydrated, we feel good about it. Our skin looks young and better. That's what I think about this product. If there is no moisturizing effect, there will be no revitalizing effect. For this product, I will give a score of 4 points out of 5.
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