Wednesday, February 15, 2012

More fun at LRT 1

Happy Valentine's everyone! Have you experienced doing unique ways of spending a V-day? Mine was just simple. I want a round trip ride on LRT1 from Roosevelt to Baclaran Station. You may think that I'm a bit weird. But honestly, I haven't tried LRT before. I only see the Roosevelt Station and wish that in time, I will take part of its journey. Then, my wish came true. JM and I pushed through with our plans. Thank God! The weather yesterday was fairly good.

We headed at Roosevelt Station. Actually, we were nervous when we bought our tickets because we do not know how much would be the fare. We just knew that it's only P20 up to Baclaran Station. Then we went straight to passengers waiting area. After few minutes, we rode the LRT. When we already sat, I held the ticket in my hand just to figure out each station we will be going to pass. I also, took the time so I can check the difference between the train and Jeepney.

LRT 1 and 2 Route Map
Whenever we passed another train, I kept noticing the volume of people riding it. Then a sudden thought struck my mind, what if this train abruptly stops in the middle of its course? And the doors are still locked? I find myself exploring the seats,and glass windows. The glass does not have any label, which is either a real glass or an acrylic. If and if that sudden thought happens, I can easily break the glass, but I could have worn some cuts because of glass shards. If that were an acrylic, I would have a hard time kicking its surface. (I prayed, hope it would not happen in the spirit of Valentine's) :)
The first trip took us almost 40 minutes. We wanted to take some pictures but unfortunately, there are many people on the other side of the station that could see our gesture. We ended up to “tiangge” and looked on something to buy. After checking the stalls, we went to the station and bought ticket going back to Roosevelt.
In this trip, I checked on every stations where I could memorize some landmarks, in case I got lost. I enjoyed some aerial views of distinctive establishments. As the last station approaches, I knew I had a simplest dream that came true.
I know, this would not end there because JM and I had a plan to check LRT2 and MRT as soon as we have a time together or with other officemates. 

P.S. I would love to share some pictures, unfortunately, I can't access my email on my phone.
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