Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A luscious dinner: ensaladang lato with daing and chicharon

Last night, JM and I went to the market near our apartment looking for something to eat that dinner. When we got to wet market, one stall was selling two sets of seaweed: lato (guso) and arosep. Both cost P25 per ¼ kg. We only bought the lato. This lato or guso (scientific name Caulerpa lentillifera ) looks like tiny green grapes seaweed with succulent taste. The vendor recommends itlog na pula (salted egg) as a combination. We also bought two native onions, salt and chicharon to make a delicious lato salad. Honestly, we are not a cook but for this recipe, we do not need to be a cook just to have a delicious dinner. Our recipe is very simple yet so yummy.

2 pcs native onion chopped
5 pcs tomato chopped
1 salted egg
¼ kg lato seaweeds
a pinch of salt to taste

Put all ingredients in a bowl. Toss until fully mixed. Serve with a fried or grilled fish.

When our roommate Kat got home, she was shocked to know that we have lot of foods on the table. We have ensaladang lato, partnered with daing, chicharon and boiled camote tubers. It was indeed our first night at Fool House (the name we had for our apartment) with a full stomach. ;)

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