Wednesday, February 15, 2012

JasmineDirectory, a directory for your business

When you establish a blog or website, you would like to advertise it. But how do you do that? One of the simplest ways is through submitting your website or blog into a  business web directory. Just like Yellow Pages, a web directory is a business listing of categorized websites on World Wide Web. What it does is linking these submitted blogs or websites to the person using the directory. Web directory review
One of the web directories that you can trust for your business website is JasmineDirectory. You will never get lost to this directory because of its being user-friendly. As you can see on their homepage, they have a wider range of categories and subcategories. They have competent editors who always make sure that each category is reviewed and updated so users can only access the latest information they have on their directory. They also include a total number of website subscribed to each category and subcategory. This helps us view on what service and business is popular and hot. I think that makes them a 100% SEO friendly.
Aside from this, each website link has a detailed description of what particular service and business they offer. They have an automatic thumbnail as part of how they do promote your site. When a particular website got your interest, you do not need to re-type their web address, but they will give you direct link by clicking the “WEBSITE” option.
You can submit 5 deep URLs for the most accessed pages of your site. This means that the web directory gives your website and web pages more visibility, fast indexing and page ranking. The directory optimizes your website by increasing web page importance and hyper linking key words.
JasmineDirectory is W3 css and HTML valid. They make sure that you have the most compatible codes and error-free pages. Overall, using this directory will increase your page ranks and direct you to possible business partners through their users. 

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