Thursday, February 9, 2012

How to check Pag-ibig contribution

Have you checked your Pag-ibig home development fund contribution? If not, here is how I got information on my contribution. There are two ways you can check your contribution, either calling their hotline or sending them e-mail. I've tried both of them, by e- mailing first. The next day, I received a response requesting me to submit my full name, company name and address including my previous employers, which I responded. They did replied to me with the total months I have contributed but not the total amount. They cannot provide the total contributions I made so I opted to call their hotline (724-4244).

I did received same response with the email. They only provide the total months because they have limited access to their computer. The total amount of contribution can be requested to the branch where I am remitting contributions. Also, our HR provides us a yearly contribution report.
Anyway, at least I knew that my former employers really paid my contributions to Pag-ibig because my computed number of months was the same as what 

Another update:

You can chat them through Yahoo messenger, add Pagibigchat and Pagibigchat1.

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