Monday, February 13, 2012

Food resto for barkada treats

Every Saturday, we have this “pakain” at our office together with my former co-department. A contribution of P50 is paid to the assigned host, who will decide on the food we will eat. Because of this, we have already tried varieties of snack. Mostly, we ordered from food establishment near our area or sometimes; the host just pays our canteen owner to cook for their request snack.
I think I have been a host at least three times last year. I've got some good and bad experiences on food orders. And for this, I would like to share to you my reviews on different food establishments I have tried for bulk orders.

  1. McDonald's – The good thing about this food chain is affordable food. We love their burgers, fries and coke float. ;) Actually, that's the most popular menu order from my officemates specially that they still have this coupon promo until Februry 29, 2012. Just like some other fast food, they also have limited food varieties. They are always late in delivery, even if we order too early for the scheduled snack time. Nevertheless, the delivery man is courteous with us.
  2. Mang Inasal – I have tried this once and will not recommend their bulilit snack because it is not sulit. I have ordered their spaghetti and 2 pork bbq snack, to try if this is good. Actually the food was nice but the quantity of their spaghetti was somewhat good for children's stomach. Also, their delivery was late that time even though it is near our place. :(

  3. Amber – I just ordered this afternoon their Original Pancit Malabon with pichi-pichi good for 20 persons. We also tried their spaghetti and so far, these are the best I have easten. What's pop? Their food is affordable and attractive. They have lots of egg toppings both on spaghetti and pancit malabon. I think the food serving of 20 persons is “bitin” or maybe because I have lots of guy colleagues.

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If I rate these three according to food presentation, price and delivery, Amber will be the best, then McDonald's and last is Mang Inasal. 

Of course, there were some food establishment that I also tried like pares-pares and our canteen. There will be no host rotation without buying large servings at Nanay's canteen. However, these are generic food establishment. 

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