Friday, February 17, 2012

Earn money on blog advertising

Just recently, I signed up to Blogadvertisingstore. Blogadvertisingstore is a website where you can earn money through writing blogs by promoting or reviewing advertiser's products. Honestly, I was a bit skeptical whether I should join or not, but then, I tried it. Signing up is so simple, I chose 'Register as blogger” and followed their instructions. I guess this would not be a problem if, in case, you join the site.

The “Open Opportunities” tab showed me my available opportunities that I may write. I've got two articles to write. I first chose a review on a web directory, because for me, this is not a complicated article to write. 
Then, the item should be reserved so I will still have a slot to write on that particular review. I think this is an advantage of those who always check the new opportunities because they can reserve immediately.
After I submitted my article blog, I have to wait because they need to review my work. There are instructions before writing the article. They need to check if I was avail to follow all of them. After a day of waiting, I was glad they approved of my article. How much did I earn? It's $20 for a 300-word articles. 

How is that?! I was able to earn money by blogging and using my extra time. This would be a great opportunity to a newbie blogger like me. I never thought I would really earn money but this just proved me wrong about them.

Thanks to Blogadevertisingstore! They provide me with income opportunities without compromising my full-time work. Join now.
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