Saturday, January 28, 2012

Text spammers on my Globe postpaid plan

 Last year, I decided to enroll two Globe Postpaid Plan 499 for myself and my hubby. To make the story short, we were approved. Both our bills were always within the limit since we do not call that much. Most of the time, we used it for mobile internet. But what really pissed me off with the plan is the unlimited texts from unknown numbers advertising loans, house and lots, gadgets and other things. Now, I am thinking, how do they get my number? I remembered when I activated my sim, I immediately received a text message from someone advertising a loan. Does other network subscribers has similar experience like mine? I hope Globe does not give away their postpaid subscriber numbers to any unscrupulous individuals. Afterall, we, as subscribers should be protected from these spammers. Anyway, what I have done to limit their text messages is by blocking messages “by subject” and “by address” thru my Samsung Corby II phone. So in this way, I can easily check my spambox and delete them.
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