Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Other Side of Glass: The frosted look

Take a look at the picture. Do you know how this design was made? Most of the glass fabricators will know the various ways to achieve this frosted look.Let us define each different technique for us to know the advantages of one type to another. 

Glass engraving is a process of decorating a glass with the use of engraving tools to leave a translucent finish. Tools used are diamond and tungsten carbide. Engraving produces a simple monotone or in a shade of black and white, depending on air pressure, varying angle, type of engraving used.

Acid etching is done by using a strong acid to glass to create a design. Most commonly used acid for this process is hydrofluoric acid. It can be in a form of powder diluted in water or a cream. Etching produces a smooth frosted surface that can be easily cleaned.

Sandblasting is a process of applying an abrasive material at a surface using a compressed air. Some abrasive materials used for this process are sand, aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, and glass beads. The blasted portion has a rough surface that dirt and fingerprint oil tends to accumulate. But don't you worry because there is a sandblast sealer available in the market which applies to the sandblasted surface to reduce fingerprint.

Other techniques use a sticker or paint finish to create a translucent look. However, this will not last long as it can be easily peeled off on a glass surface.

Some of Philippine companies that sandblast glass:

1. San Francisco Mirror Corporation
San Francisco del Monte, Quezon City
Tel. No. 02-372-3896

2. Princess' Glass World
Manila Philippines

3. Pacific Glass Corporation
Sheridan St. near cor. Reliance Street
Mandaluyong City 1550, Philippines
Tel. No. 02-631-8221 up to 23; (+632) 631 - 5082
(+632) 631 – 2215

4. Angeli Glass
Pine St., cor. Maywood Ave.,
Maywood Village 2,
ParaƱaque City, 1716
Tel. No. (632) 824-2391
Fax: (632) 823-3939

5. SGO Philippines Inc.

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