Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My E-book Experiences

These past two months, I've turned myself into an e-book reader. Actually, it happened that I was browsing through Umnet when I tried to download an e-bool of Chronicles of Narnia: The Last Battle. Since I was bored from downloading different themes, I tried e-book downloaded to my mobile phone (Samsung Corby 2). Well, I enjoyed it so that's the time I always make it a point that I have something to read in my phone. Here is the list of the e-bboks I already read:

    Prince Caspian/The Voyage of the Dawn Treader ...
  1. Chronicles of Narnia Series
  2. Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series
  3. The Alchemist

I downloaded all of them at Umnet except for The Demigod Files, which I eventually found at Scribd. Check my Tips to Share Page to know how to download at Umnet.

To this day, I'm reading Veronika Decides to Die by Paulo Coelho. After this, I might look for other novels of him. If it happens that I completed reading his books, please share some more good writers and books, so I can check them.

By the way, do our local writers already have some e-book format of their books. I'm just curious./hmm If yes, then I might as well get a copy of Desaparesidos of Lualhati Bautista. I am a big fan of her. =D> Then, Jessica Zafra and Bob Ong.

One of my goals is to read at least 20 books this year as a challenge from Pinoyexchange.

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