Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My things to buy

Hello everyone!How is your weekend? For me, it was an exciting one. I dropped by at Walter Mart Muñoz to shop for my stuff. I will be using them here at my new rental house near my workplace. For a lodger like me, I recommend buying the bigger size of a product for long-term use. I tripped to Japan Home Center and Robinson's supermarket to check my list of items to buy.

ToothpasteColgate has a buy 1 take 1 promo while Pepsodent has a free tootbrush. I chose Pepsodent, so I will not buy a toothbrush. Aside from this, I already used to this product because of its mild tingly effect on my tongue.
Pepsodent toothpasteImage via Wikipedia

Shampoo – There are many variants in the market, and I have tried them all except Dove shampoo. I checked on their scent and their specific hair problem target. The most fragrant is the pink variant, but I picked up the hair fall control to check its effectiveness on my hair.

Image via Dove

Conditioner - Creamsilk is the only brand of conditioner that I liked to use because it really softens and minimizes fly away on my hair.

Image via Creamsilk
Facial cleanser – I am not really a fan of facial cleansers but I give a Japanese product a try. I bought the cucumber facial cleanser in Japan Home Center. I have tried it last night. It was a lather-free cleanser and does not give a dry feel on my skin.
Yumiso Mo Mo Cow Milk&Cucumber Facial Cleanser
Vitamin E - For this one, I have only used the Myra E moisturizing cream for my face because of its oil-free, moisturizing effect on my face. The good thing about this product is it does not clog my pores.
Image via Unilab
Feminine wash - I have been using pH care before, but a friend of mine recommended Lactacyd because based from her experience, it is more effective. I agree with her, so until now I used Lactacyd. It is gentle and has a longer effect than pH care.
Image via Lactacyd
Body wash -  Before, I used to buy soap. Now I prefer body wash because it is cheaper, more fragrant, mild, and definitely moisturize my skin. Unlike soap, it does not give me a dry feel.
Softsoap Ginseng Body wash
Loofah -  This is a generic item, but I used this to scrub and wash away dirt and dead skin.
Body lotion - I am very loyal to Jergen's. I always recommend it to my friend because of its tried and tested moisturizing effect on my skin. Based from the lotions I tried, this is the only one that has a longer moisture retaining effect.

Image via Jergen's

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