Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Gig at Giligan's Trinoma

Last Saturday, a friend of mine celebrated her 24th birthday. She chose Giligan's Island and Bar Restaurant at Trinoma for her blow-out. We arrived there I think past 6 pm. We chose the outside seats, so we can see the aerial view of Trinoma. 

Okay, here is what I would say on the place; if you want a bit serious/semi formal theme, then you may choose the indoor location. If you want something like pigging out and drinking, I suggest that you pick out the outdoor place. It is also at the outside where the band played. During our visit, one of the customers sang with them. 

And what about the food?? We ordered from their group of six menus. We have sinigang na bangus belly,  garlic fried chicken, inihaw na baboy, two plates rice and iced tea for the drinks. I liked the soup of bangus belly, the crispiness of chicken and the liempo style of inihaw. This is already SULIT!

The celebration does not stop there. We had a drinking session and a bunch of pulutan  from pica-pica (fries, peanuts, Shanghai rolls, cheesesticks), tokwa't baboy, barbeque, and fish fillet. I never ordered pork or chicken sisig because my colleagues did not recommend that. The best of their pulutan was fish fillet. Tokwa't baboy was good but in a very small serving. I recommend the pica-pica because of cheaper price and large servings. 

The celebration ended at 1 am. It was a nice experience and for my friend, her birthday celebration was full of surprises.

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