Thursday, January 5, 2012

DIY phone book out of notebook

It is indeed a new year for all of us. And as expected, planners pour in my table. I already used the bigger one for my notes and it is so happen that I received our company's planner today, which is better to use. I am thinking the smallest one will be stored for the whole year and yet my mind got a big idea. I will be using that for a phonebook since I do not have that. Here is my DIY phonebook:

Materials needed:


a pair of scissors
alphabet cut-outs (make at least a 1 cm allowance for the paste)

1. Leave one page blank. Divide the total number of paper leaves to 26 alphabets. For mine, it is 134/26 = 5 paper leaves each alphabet.
2. Glue the alphabet cut-out except where the letter was positioned, then paste it on the upper right side of the notebook. Make it in alphabetical order.
3. Count 5 paper leaves and then follow step 2. Check the alignment of each alphabet.
4.If the notebook is small, place the next alphabet to the upper right side, parallel to letter A.

Pasting of alphabet

Voila! I finished it for 20 minutes or less. This is really simple to do. We just have to be creative.

Finish phone book
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