Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The boxer in the family

We have a new member in the family. At first, I was not sure whether we will bring him in  or not as we do not know his behavior. However, my hubby insisted that he really want him to be with us. 
So to make the story short, we ended up fetching him when we went to Nueva Ecija. During our rides at our Honda Wave, he was restless, and we have to stop several times before we reached our house. 
We have decided that we need to commute from Nueva Ecija to Pulilan as he really was unease. I was pleased that he was such an adorable boxer dog. I say so because he was asleep the whole trip. He was like a baby. He would not bite nor make scandalous barks to people. We named him Brusco. I think my husband chose that because his breed looks too brute.

He has been with us more than a week now. My nephew and nieces played with him. I also bought him a toy to avoid him from biting our sandals. We just had a hard time choosing the best food as he was really choosy and get easily fed up with dog food. We might as well teach him tricks. Apparently, he responds whenever we tell him “Tulog ka na”. He will slouch on my arm or thighs then close his eyes as if trying to sleep. Here is a pic of him during our trip.

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