Saturday, January 28, 2012

A better online book store: Better World Books

Recently, I found this online bookstore Betterworldbooks while searching a book for gift wrapping. I already checked National Bookstore at Cubao and some Book for less store branches but I have never seen such a huge book selection specifically for gift wrapping. Most of the books I have searched at our bookstore where expensive and do not have a particular topic on gift wrapping but more on gifts, arts and crafts. I also checked chemistry books and found out that they have cheaper prices as compared to second hand books here in the country.
Another exciting thing I discovered on their website is the Bargain Bin where you can buy four books for $22 only and add $5.50 each additional book. 8-l They have Free Shipping worldwide. I will grab this opportunity once I have enough money. I'm broke today. :(
By the way, their modes of payment are credit card, check/debit card with Mastercard and Visa logo and Paypal
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