Friday, August 12, 2011

Earn while sending Emails

Hi, guys!

Thought you might find this service interesting - EARNmailer allows you to earn cash from your everyday emails.  All you need to do is to embed an ad on your email signature and all your outgoing emails can potentially earn you cash, load and other incentives.

To sign up, visit provides an easy and fun way for internet users to monetize emails. All one needs to do is to embed an ad on the email signature so all outgoing emails will automatically display an ad. The ad contains a unique code so can track all ad clicks and impressions coming from a member's outgoing, forwarded and even re-forwarded emails.
With, email users can -
  • Embed the ad in multiple email accounts for more earning opportunities.
  • Set their preferences on ads they want to appear in their outgoing emails.
  • Easily track earnings and payment history online. is an effortless way to earn quick, recurring revenues.
For brands and businesses, opens up a smart way to reach previously unreachable internet users worldwide. Not everyone signs up for mailing lists and even if some do, more often than not, promotional emails end up in spam folders.  Not everyone is into social networking sites or blogs, plays online games or surfs. But anyone who uses the internet most likely has an email address.
With, advertisers can -
  • Get marketing messages across the market via peer-to-peer messaging, which means higher visibility and more chances of being read.
  • Easily manage campaigns, control spending and monitor results real-time.
  • Get the most value by paying only for legitimate clicks. is a cost-efficient, self-serve tool that help brands and businesses reach their target market in the digital space.

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