Saturday, May 14, 2011

How I landed my job now?! (sequel of Tips sa Paghahanap ng Trabaho)

It's been 6 months since I landed to this job. I still remember the dates when I called for interviews and job offer. So here how my journey of looking for a job started...

It was July when I passed my resignation to my former company and its effectivity was on August 15. A decision so hard for me to do because I already loved my work and of course all my co-workers. But sometimes, we have to decide on things for our future. During my last moments with the company, my former boss told me that after I took the board exam, I am welcome to work again with them. I remembered that I cried when I passed the resignation because I felt that as much as I worked hard, they can't see my worth. I stood with my decisions and didn't returned. So to make this chapter a bit shorter, I took the board exam but failed it. After a week from exam, I looked for a job.

From third week of September to October last year, I was already looking for a job. It's like starting from scratches again, editing and printing a resume, taking a picture, going online for a job hunting, checking emails, reloading cellphones to confirm for an interview, and going to an interview just to know you did not passed their requirements. Hahaha! The first interview I had was in Makati. I was not qualified as R&D officer because I am not a licensed but can be deployed as QC officer. I did not took the job because I will literally traveling from North to South, which would mean an exhaustion of my flawless body. Besides, I told the interviewer that I am looking for a job that is near from our house.

The next plot, I was in Pampanga. At first glance with their plant, I already had this unease feeling. Intuition? Yes! Alas it is! I was interviewed by the department's head. She asked me questions more on my personal details rather on my skills and experiences. I was a bit irritated actually but still composed. What really sucks about this interview was when she told me that if I am aware that during 15 days with them means I will be receiving allowances. They also have staff house so I would not worry my board. She asked me if its fair with me... I answered her with a firm voice “ It's unfair! (hahaha, laughing on my mind). I have worked with 3 companies but I did not received such compensation even when I first started.” Since we did not agree with the salary, which basically all job hunters have an itch on!, I looked for another prospect.

Here's my ideal job! I told myself when I received an interview with a company that is near from my husband's work, and our house (Bulacan). Before I went there, my perfume leaked on my bag which caused my resume to get wet and smudge. As worried as I am, I already make some script excuses because I don’t have an extra resume for that. If ever I had, it will get wet also. I arrived on time, and proceeded for an interview. I was at ease with the interviewer, and had no difficulty explaining myself. She told me that if I receive a text message within a week, I am qualified. So I wait... wait... wait... wait... but no response from them. I am a kind of person not used to follow up the status of my interview. I decided to look again.

Another interview in Bulacan area. They told me to go at their office at 3pm. Since it was my first time to go there, I prepared early. I easily learned how to get there. The only problem I encountered was the rain. I did not bring an umbrella but since my documents were in plastic envelope, it was protected. I got two interviews, from the HR officer and QA Manager. The QA Manager told me they will contact me in case I will be hired. There was no time specified for me to wait. It's my instinct again, this job will not suit me. I am right, they did not contact me until now. Hahaha.

During that time, I was already frustrated because after so many interviews, I was jobless. I even lose hope that I might not get a job because it was near December. Usually, companies don't hire at this quarter to avoid 13th month and bonus for the newly hired personnel. I was thinking that I will be a full time housewife for the season because of denied opportuinities.

Hello? Who's this?
Is this Ms. Ielenna?
This is SFMC.Please come to office on tuesday for an interview.
Another interview... when will my job hunting stops? Anyway, I will go there.

I went to Quezon City. I went to the receptionists. The only thing that I forgot was I did not photocopy my documents. So I went outside looking for a photocopier. I was thinking, don't they have photocopier inside. What a poor company! Hahaha. I returned to receptionist and passed my documents. She assisted me on exam. The exam was timed every 20 minutes and was finished before 3pm. The interviewer was not available at that time so she told me I will be contacted within that week. After 2 days, I received a message about the interview so I went there. I was interviewed by the assistant HR and the manager. Because of my course and experiences, I was qualified with the 3 jobs available and asked to choose which one. I told her, my priority is the QA position. So that's what went on the interview. She told me to wait until the next week. So I did. I received a message from the assistant HR it was my final interview. I was nervious. I don't have any idea what will be my final interview. They did not mention anything except being prepared. It was during that moment that I learned I would have a panel interview. Four managers. What? I prayed. I hope I could make this interview. So the interview went on. They were asking me about this and that, the difference with this and that, can you do this and that... of course, I answered them with the very knowledge I have. I had a gut feeling I would passed this. After the interview, they told me I have to do an R&D program. Hmmm, it was my first time to make an outline of a program. Well, I must do this. Within a span of 3 days, I sent the program thru email.

Again, I waited for days and weeks but no response from them. I was having a second thought to apply on FDA Philippines as FDRO since there was an opening. Besides, I might have a chance to work there because I have a backer. I prayed and asked for the sign that if it was meant for me to work in any government office. Let it be.

Well the sign that I am requesting was finally answered. SFMC called me to go to their office for my job offer. Excited, I went there early. As I have talked with the HR, we both agreed to the salary I expected and started my work the next Monday.

Now, I have been with them for 6 months. I joined their christmas party, summer outing. I only wish that I will be with the company for more years. I learned from my situation that it is hard to become jobless. But this opportuinity gave me a chance to make my life worthwhile.

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