Saturday, March 19, 2011


I enjoyed last night's tour at WORLDBEX (World Building and Construction Exhibit). We have the chance to glance at the exhibit because our company is one of the exhibitors, just giving some support. The exhibit scheduled from March 16-20, 2011 and opens from 9am to 8 pm.

During registration, we were given a sticker name tag, a scheduled exhibit for this year, and a raffle coupon. The back of this raffle coupon has 3 circles which you need to stamp at 3 information centers inside the World Trade Center. We also registered as visitors to have an orange bag, where we can put all flyers and leaflets from different exhibitors. All licensed architects, civil engineers have other gifts from sponsors.

At Kohler booth, they have a show that all boys must see. Actually, they already enjoyed it, one of my colleagues excitedly narrated what he had seen during their visit. What the show all about? Well, a girl in two-piece swim suit having shower at their booth. I think it's a strategy to advertize their product. But, the disadvantage of this was, those boys focused their attention on the girl's body, taking a video or picture and not on the product itself. I will not be surprised if one day I will see those videos and label it WORLDBEX scandal. Lols.

We passed by to other booths, taking flyers and leaflets. I don't have any particular booth that caught my attention but the products give me an impression. I saw different air coolers, which I have not seen from appliances stores. There are so many products, from furnitures and fixtures, glass, ornamental plants, books, and foods. There are also exhibitors from other countries, banks, and universities.

We went to our booth, PhilTech Glass Industries. It is located at the Tent, beside the Information Center.. Our product ranges from patch fittings and shower hinges, door handles and other accessories, tempered glass, coated glass, patterned glass, wired glass, d├ęcor vue glass, mirror accessories,glass chemicals,and sash putty. We mingled with my colleagues for a while, and set another visit to other booths on PTTC. Here, we claimed the equivalent gift of the completed 3 stamps, I had won a nice cap with WORLDBEX logo. We left the exhibit at around 7 PM.

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