Friday, March 25, 2011

Ink at my Blog

I just want to share a poem written by Guillermo Castillo. I have read this poem way back to my high school days but lost memories of the verses. I just had a chance to check it on the web today because I am looking for a particular ink. I thought I would never find it here because it is already a decade ago and people might not be interested to put it on the web. I was shocked because there are people here looking for the verses of Castillo's Ink, same with me. I remembered that I used to memorize its verses and put it on my notebook. I already lost my notebbok and do not remembered where I copied it. So take time reading it and I hope you will like it too.

Guillermo Castillo

bottled in a glass prism
meaningless in itself
black and mute without a language
silent but strongly urged
to speak

chance impressed on white inarticulate
unintelligible chaotic welcome on the bareness
of white but still foreign excommunicate

But ink
pen-lifted pen-impressed
on blank white paper
interprets intensifies classifies
expresses Life

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