Sunday, January 16, 2011

4 Tips to Pass Civil Service Examination

Civil Service Examination (CSE) is one of the requirements to qualify you in Philippine government position. It is usually consists of 150 questions which must be answered in 3 hours. You have to wait at least 3 months for the results. If you are prepared enough, you'll be one of the 10% of the total examinees who passed this exam and the rest would either re-take it or simply just move on. To give you some pointers to ace this exam, follow these 4 tips and gain confidence.

      1.       Prepare your body and mind. Boost your memory with nutritious foods for the brain like vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals. Add omega-3 fatty acids on your diet, studies show omega-3 fatty acid is important in brain development. Also, drink coffee, it stimulates your nerves and gives you feeling of alertness and wakefulness. But most of all, start to exercise to enhance your performance and improve psychological and physical well-being.
      2.       Set a deadline. Discipline yourself by setting a deadline in reviewing for this exam.  Make a review list of each topic, so you can easily track back the subjects you have not touch. Prioritize topics that you think will give you a hard time reviewing. Click each subject to link you to some online reviews: antonyms, homonymssynonymsrandom English testEnglish Proficiency Test, Algebra, Mathematics, graph analysis, Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees or RA 6713.
     3.       Practice and practice. Sharpen your skills; try to answer more problems in your study guides and notes. Practice each questions under time pressure to improve your performance and speed. Avoid information overload, try to have a break every time you feel tired.
     4.       Just relax. On the night before exam, prepare all test requirements. Have a plenty of sleep. Get to the exam site early. When you have the feeling of cramming, try the inhale-exhale rhythm. Avoid looking at your watch so you don't feel that time  is running out.

By the way, if you do not know how to apply for CSE, click >>> here.
To view test results, click >>>here.

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