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How Lalamove can Help your Online Business

Lalamove is a courier service that offers fast delivery with a minimum guaranteed lead time of 55 minutes within Metro Manila areas.

How to use their service?

1. Go to Lalamove website or download the app on Google Play.
2. Register to their website/app and sign in. An email will be sent for your verification.
3. Click place an order. Select service type: motorcycle, UV (small), UV (Large). Usually, UV is used for delivery of heavy boxes, furniture or items heavier than 20kg.

top 10 list of courier in metro manila
Lalamove website
4. Set your pickup and delivery address, including contact information. You may also add other services like cash handling, round trip, or with assistant. These services incur an additional fee on top of the delivery charges.

new rate lalamove manila
New Lalamove fare rates
5. Enter promo code if any. Usually, they provide a promo code for first time user.
6. The site/app automatically computes for the fare charges. You have an option to advanced book it or place an order now. Choose the mode of payment, which is either cash or wallet.

same day delivery philippines
Automatically computes the fare charges once you input addresses

7. Once booking is confirmed, Lalamove will assign a driver within an hour. Moreover, pickup for the advanced booking will only be done on your chosen scheduled time.
8. The assigned rider should inform you that he is on the way to the pickup address. Inform consignee on the status.
9. Once delivery is finished, Lalamove will send you a copy of the receipt. Rate the rider. You may add them to your favorite drivers if you are satisfied with their service.

same day delivery manila
Favorite list of driver


> Great for heavy items especially those not fitting the courier’s pouch.

Normally, couriers charge us based on the volume weight or actual weight of the item, whichever is higher. There are times that the item was not that heavy but bulky, which incur expensive rate based on its calculated volume weight. At Lalamove, maximum weight load for a motorcycle is 20kg.  Computation of their fare is kilometer based. It means, even if your item is bulky, heavy or light load, the charges will still be based on how far the destination is.

> Delivery is within few hours after pickup.

The farthest destination I booked for delivery is Taguig. It took around 2 hours before it was delivered. The nearest is within Quezon City and took 45 minutes. Their service is recommended especially for rush orders or same day delivery. You can even estimate lead time of the item once you are familiarized with their service.

> Lessen chances of breakage or wrong delivery address due to multiple handling.  

As you can see, only 3 persons is in direct handling of the products, that is the shipper, rider, and receiver. I think breakage may happen only if the item is not well packed, mishandled by the rider or by accident. So far, no single breakage happened to my item. Unlike other known couriers, even a super bubble wrapped item can be damage because of the way they handle our items. Another experience I had was one item was switched with another package.
> Easily check fare charges.
Once you input the pickup and delivery address, you can immediately check the amount to be charged.

> Limited options for mode of payment
Lalamove only offers cash and wallet loading only.  Even wallet loading will need you to communicate with them. They should at least make it easier just like how sim card is reloaded. Although I am paying for cash, there are times that I did not bring much, which I have to borrow or withdraw from my ATM. Another suggestion is using an EMV chip reader since most of our ATMs nowadays are already built with it.

> Some part of Metro Manila are not yet covered.
Here’s the thing, I tried booking for San Francisco Del Monte, Quezon City to Monumento and found out that the latter is not yet serviceable area. It will be great if all Metro Manila areas are covered as well as near provinces.
>  Log off bugs.
Yes, there are times that after logging in, a few seconds I logout. I have to re-login and retype again.


This new comer in town is definitely a great help to me as an online seller. It gives me an option to facilitate faster shipping for my Metro Manila clients without worrying about breakage, missed pickups, or item switching. The cons I listed is more of the suggestions for them to improve their app and services. 

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